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Single-Ply Membrane

Prime Roof Solutions provides a single-ply membrane roofing systems service to clients across Scotland.

Single ply membranes have been in use in the UK for over forty years and provide waterproof protection to a multitude of commercial buildings. They are based on polymers derived from oil that have been formulated for very long term flexibility and resistance to solar radiation. These are formed into large sheets ranging in thickness from 1.2-2.0mm and usually supplied in rolls 1-2m wide and up to 20m long. Some products are supplied in large sheets to fit the roof and delivered folded up.

Single ply works best in a ‘warm roof’ system, where it is laid over insulation which is then supported by the structural deck. A ‘vapour control layer’, laid over the deck and under the insulation is always required, to stop harmful condensation building up in the insulation. Warm roofs do not require ventilation and are very reliable.

How can you upgrade an existing roof?

An existing roof can be refurbished in two ways:

Overlay single ply membrane to the existing waterproofing: there will be no benefit in terms of reduced heating bills with this option. Unless it is in very poor condition, it is generally possible to retain the existing waterproofing and either adhere or mechanically fasten a new single ply membrane over the top.

Upgrade with additional insulation and new single ply membrane: depending on how well the roof is already insulated, the cost of installing extra insulation will generally be offset by savings on energy bills well within the lifespan of the new roof.

UK experience is backed up by independent certification which gives service life estimates in the range of 20-40 years, with most in the 25-30 year range. These are achievable with good products, correct attachments, installation and maintenance.

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