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Built-Up Felt Systems

Prime Roof Solutions provides a build-up felt roofing systems service to clients across Scotland.

Built-up reinforced bitumen membranes (RBM) are the most common material for commercial flat roofing contracts and there has been a lot of product development in recent years. Two or three layers of sheet materials are rolled out over the roof and bonded together with hot bitumen. These sheet materials are based on a carrier normally polyester of varying strengths and coated in bitumen so that they fuse together to form a single waterproof layer. The membrane is laid onto insulation when applied over a heated building or part of a building with the insulation bonded to a vapour control layer which in turn is attached to the roof deck. This build up is known as the warm roof and is very successful. All major manufacturers have proprietary RBM systems, which use polymer-modified bitumens, and meet or exceed the British Standards. These products are commonly described as ‘Elastomeric’, or ‘SBS-modified’ felts and will provide the longest possible service life, possible up to 40 years.

Can you upgrade an existing roof?

An existing roof can be upgraded/refurbished but it is first necessary to establish the following:

  • Is the existing membrane adhered to the roof?
  • Is there any ponding on the roof?
  • Is the deck sound or wet?
  • Why has it failed?

If the roof is in good condition a single layer attached to the existing will extend the life of the roof.

If it is in poor condition the existing may need stripping off and a new RBM laid with insulation if it is over a heated area of the property. If the roof is ponding, upgrading or applying a new membrane will not change the falls in the roof - the degree of ponding will determine the optimal solution

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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